The Neighborhood

Located in South Memphis, historic Alcy Ball is home to over 4,600 residents.

Alcy Ball began as a predominantly middle-class, African-American neighborhood. It was filled with numerous families, supporting various churches, schools, and businesses. However, over the past 30 years, the area has declined with families, businesses, and schools moving elsewhere. Today, you can see remnants of the once-thriving community. Our vision is an economically and socially restored Alcy Ball.

neighborhood statistics


Since 2000, Alcy Ball’s population has decreased by 15.8%

Historic Alcy Ball is now home to 4,622 individuals

66.4% of residents have an annual income of less than $25,000

Homeownership in Alcy Ball has decreased by 29% since 2000

Today, about half of the homes in Alcy Ball are owner-occupied

10.6% of homes and other structures are vacant


Alcy Ball began as a thriving community. Our vision is for an economically and socially restored Alcy Ball.


The Alcy Ball Development Corporation exists to come alongside the Alcy Ball community and help build on the neighborhood’s many existing strengths. Alcy Ball is home to invested residents and quality housing stock, in addition to many more neighborhood assets. Building on these strengths provides a way forward as we connect and empower Alcy Ball residents to develop a thriving community.


How to Help

Whether it is praying for our work, volunteering with our Faith & Finances class, or spending some time with us on a community service project, we want you to get involved.

To find out about the next volunteer opportunity or ways to support us, please contact Seth at