Neighborhood Revitalization

We connect residents and volunteers to the shared vision of Alcy Ball stakeholders in order to maintain affordability while increasing the economic vitality of the neighborhood.


Neighborhood Clean-ups

Housing Rehabilitation

Helping Local Families Purchase Homes in Alcy Ball

Blight remediation

Resident Volunteer Opportunities

Service from City-Wide Volunteer Groups

2019 Alcy Ball Service Projects

2019 Alcy Ball Service Projects

Neighbors serving Neighbors

Our goal is to see residents leading and completing projects in the neighborhood to achieve their vision for the community. Currently we partner neighborhood requests with volunteer groups from around the city, always seeking participation from residents and their connections. We have boarded up vacant houses, cleared vacant lots, made park improvements and installed bus stop benches. In 2020, we will renovate an old corner store for use as our office and gathering space for the community. Pictured here is a map of our past service projects, as well as the location of the old corner store (Roger’s Store).