Financial Empowerment

We provide access to financial tools, training, and resources for Alcy Ball families in order to increase financial health and stability from one generation to the next.


About 66% of Alcy Ball residents make less than $25,000 per year

The unemployment rate in Alcy Ball reflects that of Memphis- 4.2%

44% of homes in Alcy Ball are owner-occupied

Alcy Ball encompasses a broad spectrum of incomes. Many families earning sustainable incomes are still seeking a pathway to homeownership or meeting another financial goal. We have helped neighbors open checking accounts, close out predatory loans, build healthy monthly spending plans, increase credit scores by over 100 points, and achieve homeownership. 


Meet Theo

Theo is a current resident of Alcy Ball. Over the past year, our team has worked with Theo to establish a path towards Financial Empowerment. Our emphasis in Financial Empowerment has been on removing barriers for individuals like Theo who are employed and seeking to fully realize their potential. We helped open a checking account, refinance and pay off a TitleMax loan, establish credit, and establish a path to homeownership.