Community Organizing & Advocacy

We cultivate the voice of the neighborhood through relationships with Alcy Ball’s stakeholders in order to develop neighborhood leadership around self-organizing, blight reduction, increased home ownership, and community development.


We network with resident leaders and connect them to information and resources.

Concerned neighbors join us to follow the progress of apartment owners through Environmental Court and disseminate information to residents. 

We help organize around problem properties that impact the neighborhood.

We are collaborating with neighborhood leaders to organize a forum that will increase exposure for issues that residents care about.

We’ve connected residents to city/county departments to learn about upcoming projects and other resources that are available for our area, like sharing information about school construction and intersection updates. 


Going to environmental court

Community Organizing & Advocacy takes many different forms, unique to each neighborhood. This year in the Alcy Ball neighborhood we have been forming new relationships in our local Community Association, recruiting residents to advocate against slumlords in Environmental Court, and laying groundwork for a neighborhood assembly that will prioritize action items. Pictured here are members of our team and several Alcy Ball community leaders that came together to advocate against slumlords in Shelby County Environmental Court.